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Hispanic Heritage Fiesta Blog Hop! Recipes, Crafts, Kid Activities And More!

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Hispanic Heritage Month

We are so excited to be co-hosting the first annual Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop Fiesta! Hispanic Heritage Month is going on now through October 15, so join us as we celebrate the rich cultural heritage given to our country by generations of Hispanics. The term Hispanic or Latino, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, refers to Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race. Link up below any posts related toRead More ...

Hispanic Heritage Month Craft- Repujado Mexican Cuff Bracelet

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Not only is it Hispanic Heritage Month in September, but we also celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day!  Have you ever seen the Mexican Metal Tooling Art technique?  The process of working a rounded tool on the back side of soft metal to create a beautiful piece of raised art is called Repujado. Here is a simple form of this technique that your little ones can have fun with and then wear. What you will need to make a repujado Mexican cuffRead More ...

Easy and Adorable Sun Hat Craft

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One thing I remember from going to the beach or park as a kid was that my Latino parents were always hiding from the sun.  As a kid I didn’t care, and sure enough within 20 minutes I looked like a red frijol but the grown ups did, so they hid. Mi mami was notorious for forgetting her sun hat so we would always find her holding a piece of newspaper over her head to keep her creamy, milky skinRead More ...

Frozen Berry Paletas {Recipe}

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Are you melting in the summer heat?  Stay cool with these fruity frozen treats that are a whole lot cheaper then store bought ones and healthy too! I have visited countries in Central America and South America and one thing that stands out to me the most is all of the yummy tropical fruta that you can find at the market or on the streets.  Fruit vendors selling large cups of sliced juicy mango, fresa, guayaba, sandia, mora…. with limeRead More ...

Stars and Stripes Edible Wands {Edible Craft}

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Want to turn a simple cookie into an amazing cookie just insert a stick into it! Seriously, a popsicle stick, a skewer, a lollipop stick…. kids love it! My boys couldn’t wait to get their hands on there July 4th edible wands!  Even our 18 month old bebé enjoyed playing with it and chowing it down. A couple of weeks ago, I shared how to make this trendy Confetti Bunting that you see above. It’s so simple and cute! These are greatRead More ...

Delicious Mini Tres Leches Cake

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cinco de mayo 140

I grew up eating Tres Leches cake at every Quinceañera or any other big Mexican celebration.  I enjoyed every bite of this yumminess!  Mi mami would always ask me to bring  her a piece of cake from whatever party I was at, because she couldn’t attend. I used to think this was weird and a little embarassing to have to ask the hostess for a piece of cake for my mom.  Later in life, when I worked with  newly arrivedRead More ...

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