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The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Bath Fun: Christmas Kids Activity

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  Have you heard of Shaving Cream Paint? I actually thought that I came up with this ingenious idea and then I looked it up online and realized so many other clever mami’s had the same idea. I have used shaving cream paint for lots of activities to paint on: paper, sidewalk, your body and on the bath wall. Want to take your bath activities to another level? Before getting the kids en la cama, read The Grinch Who StoleRead More ...

Christmas Party Favor: Snowman Play Dough

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Do your little ones love play dough?  Do you have mis-match baby socks you have no idea where the other pair is? Well then this is the perfect stocking stuffer idea or party favor for your holiday gathering.  It’s easy to make and the kids will have loads of fun with it. This Christmas our familia decided we would simplify your spending and one of the ways we are doing that is by making some of our regalitos for ourRead More ...

Christmas Baking with Kids: Gingerbread Men

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Christmas baking is so much fun and it’s even more fun and messy when we do it with our niños! There’s nothing like your casa infused with the scents of canela, ginger and laughter!  My boys had so much fun making gingerbread men with me. I have this fabulous soft gingerbread man cookie recipe that I know you will enjoy! Before we get started here are some tips for baking with kids: I did this with three boys ages 2,Read More ...

Christmas Activity for Kids: Snowman Bowling

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Are you looking from some indoor activities for winter?  Snowman Bowling will keep the kiddos entertained while mami cooks or even for your holiday party fun. Snowman bowling was featured in the Spirit of Christmas, Winter Issue and now I get to share it here with you, in detail.  The best part of this activity is it’s really simple and works for all ages.  Mi bebé who is 2 years old loves to knock the pins down with his feet andRead More ...

Thanksgiving Craft: Pine Cone Turkeys

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  Have you gone out on your Fall Nature Hike?  If you haven’t I highly recommend some familia time with the kiddos and enjoying nature.  If you don’t have a bosque near you then go out to a craft store and purchase some pine cones. Our boys enjoyed making this with, not me, but get this their papi.  I came downstairs and I see all of my men crafting! It was simply maravilloso!  This happened mostly because our 5 yearRead More ...

3 Easy Pumpkin Crafts

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Tis the season for all things pumpkin! Are you looking for a simple but fun class treat or party craft for kids? Here are three easy pumpkin (calabaza) crafts to get you into the Harvest or Halloween mood! Is it a calabaza or a zapallo?  In Mexico, we say calabaza but when I first arrived to Ecuador and visited the mercado the lady looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a calabaza. So like a littleRead More ...

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