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Summer Activity for Kids: Ice Boats Water Play

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ice boats water play

Summer fun is here! Even if it’s still cool in your part of the world your little ones can still enjoy this ice boat water play activity without having to place their little hand inside. If it’s hot, then go all out and take out the kiddie pool and let the kids play with their mini ice boats. If you are like me and you try to squeeze an educational twist to activities you can also have your little onesRead More ...

Spring Kids Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Flower Painting

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Here’s a great craft for spring or summer for your little one to make: Toilet Paper Roll Spring Prints. Okay I have a confession to make: I have a shelf full of empty toilet paper rolls. I have a hard time tossing them since there are so many crafts you can make with them. Here’s a great craft that is easy to make with the kiddos. If you’re looking for more Spring crafts, recipes, etc check out Celebrate Spring Issue.Read More ...

Spanish Fun for Kids: Los Pollitos Nursery Rhyme

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Los Pollitos Nursery Rhyme brings back such fond memories of my childhood.  It’s a popular nursery rhyme in Latin America.  I have been sharing it with my boys since they were young to get some Spanish fun into their day. Los Pollitos (The Little Chickies) nursery rhyme goes like this: (I found this over at Kidssongs.com you can go there for  all of the lyrics; she also translates it in English so you know what you’re singing). You can alsoRead More ...

Easter Kids Craft: Easy Tissue Paper Basket

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Making this craft got me so excited for Spring, that’s right around the corner.  Las flores, el sol, outdoor grilling…. isn’t Spring wonderful! I have a little one at home who keeps me company all day and one of our favorite activities to do is crafting. We try to keep away from hard and long activities with my toddler so this one should be a winner since it’s not just easy and quick but it’s also cute! I am aRead More ...

Secret Message Valentines: Invisible Ink {Craft}

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Secret Message Valentines for Dia del Amor y Amistad! I love that in Spanish a common way to to translate Valentine’s Day is saying “Day of Love and Friendship.” My boys love all things spies, secret agents, mission impossible…. So when  I told my oldest that we were going to write secret messages to his dad and brothers, he was on board.  This is even a super easy Valentine’s card you can have kids make in class or to giveRead More ...

Gardening with Kids: Indoor Gardening Fun

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Gardening can be therapeutic and fun!  Do you remember Chia pets? Here’s a fabulous way to introduce your little ones to gardening. Also, a wonderful activity to get the kids exploring textures, plant life and just being silly. With Winter here this is a perfect way to bring the outdoors inside and reirse un poco, who doesn’t need some laughter in their day? Make sure you work in an area you don’t mind getting dirty. Lay down newspaper and setRead More ...

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