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Jennifer raised her three children speaking Spanish and English. She holds a Master’s degree in Spanish Literature and has been teaching Spanish for over twenty years. She shares resources for teaching Spanish to children on her website Spanish Playground.


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Two Card Games in Spanish for Kids {Printable Game}

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In our family, card games and language go together. Whether we are playing escala cuarenta in Peru or cribbage in Wisconsin, there is constant banter and conversation. When my kids were little, simple card games often led to delightful interactions. Now that they are older, I appreciate the language and social skills they learned from the games. Children of any age can play Batalla de Velocidades and Batalla de Tamaños. They are based on the traditional game La guerra (War)Read More ...

Reflections and Hopes for the New Year – En Familia, En Español {Printable Activity}

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Miren, lo que vamos a hacer es esto. Vamos a compartir primero un poco de cómo nos fue el año pasado. Y después, cada uno va a decir lo que espera del año que viene. That would be my youngest daughter speaking, a natural organizer who believes strongly in the power of reflection, sharing, family and language. We were in a small town south of Lima, Peru ringing in 2012. At her direction (yes, that really was her tone), allRead More ...

Silly Spinner Game in Spanish {Printable Activity}

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¿Puedes contar de 20 a 1 y escribir tu nombre a la vez? ¡Inténtalo! With the days getting colder in parts of the country, some of us are having to spend more time indoors. Inténtalo is a silly indoor game to keep kids laughing, moving and thinking in Spanish. The activity uses a homemade spinner with actions. Spin the spinner twice and then try to do the two actions at the same time. You can adapt the actions for youngerRead More ...

Contar Cuentos with a Story Jar

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Un dragón, un par de zapatos rojos, una manzana.  We pulled these words from our story jar the other day and I ended up telling the story del dragón al que le encantaba el color rojo over and over. Not every story is the hit that el dragón was, but a story jar adds a bit of randomness and fun to storytelling. It is a jar with words on small pieces of paper, folded so you cannot see the word.Read More ...

Spark Spanish Conversation with this Juego de Preguntas {Printable Game}

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For many families, the coming months are filled with gatherings, family and muchísimo español. Playing question games together provides an opportunity to tell family stories, talk about our values and laugh together. Of course, you know your friends and family, but this simple question game will help you all get to know each other aun mejor. This printable board game is a fun Spanish language activity for children. Many children love to have the floor and answer questions about themselves.Read More ...

Play Syllable Games to Develop Prereading Skills in Spanish {Printable Game}

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It is natural for our chiquitos to play with the sounds of language and for us to play along. If you have little ones, you probably find yourself silabeando together – pronouncing words syllable by syllable. In Spanish, syllables define how to read, spell and accentuate words. Because syllables are so important, they are the basis for learning to read. In English, children learn to “sound out” individual letter sounds, but in Spanish children “sound out” syllables. Being able toRead More ...

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