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Christmas Time: A complex dance between two cultures

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The following is a guest post by Señora López and is part of the Your Bicultural Holiday Traditions series. Keeping traditions alive in the Familia López poses a unique challenge. I am an Anglo-American, born and raised in the United States with both my father’s Jewish traditions and my mother’s Protestant ones. My husband is Latino, raised in a muy Católico household in El Salvador. As a result, our niños play dreidel on Hanukkah, sing Las Mañanitas to the VirginRead More ...

Your Bicultural Holiday Traditions

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One of the most exciting parts of keeping up with SpanglishBaby is “meeting” so many other parents and educators who share our passion of raising bilingual and bicultural children.  In the 10 months since we launched, we’ve felt part of a constantly growing community of bloggers who are lovingly sharing their bicultural families’ life stories.  We’ve reached out to seven of these mamás blogueras (we DO promise to find papás for the next one!) to leave a piece of theirRead More ...

Yes, it is a Great Idea to Raise them Bilingual!

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The following is a guest post by bilingualism expert, Dr. Fred Genesee, Professor of Psychology at McGill University in Canada. There are many good reasons for raising children bilingually. First and foremost are personal and family reasons. If members of the immediate family or extended family include people who speak other languages, then it is a benefit for everyone if your child speaks their languages. This is especially true if some family members speak only one language and might beRead More ...

I Never Forget Where I Come From

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By day, I’m your typical acculturated 30-something. A die-hard fan of “Sex and the City” who goes goo goo gaga for Tiffany´s & Co., and savors a daily dose of vanilla latte. In many ways – pura gringa. At night, I go to a multi-generational home – one that hasn’t changed much since I was born. I was raised by my abuelo and abuela ever since my mom left the tiny country of El Salvador in search of the bigRead More ...

Your Story: If Only I Spoke Spanish

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When I meet new people, I often try to slip into the conversation that I’m Mexican-American. You can’t tell by looking at me (I’m the whitey-whitest in a family of fairly white Mexicans) and you can’t tell by talking with me because my Spanish is terrible. I love my culture and I’m so proud to be Latina, but I often feel like a fraud because I can’t really speak the language. The fact that I’m not bilingual is one ofRead More ...

Your Story: Raising a Bicultural Family in Mexico, Part 2

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This is the continuation of yesterday’s post. We first learned about Susan McKinney de Ortega through a message she sent to let us know about her own blog and how she occasionally writes about raising two bilingual and bicultural teenage girls in San Miguel de Allende, México. The more we read about her and her family the more we wanted details. Luckily, she had written all about it in the short story “Two Red Lines” you’re about to read whichRead More ...

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