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Foreign Language Friends Educational Website {Giveaway}

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I think I’ve mentioned that my motto around here is, “Anything goes, as long as it’s in Spanish.”  This means we have quite a few DVDs in Spanish but not many in English.  It’s why we’ve put together quite a library of books in Spanish as well, so that we always have plenty to choose from.  However, when it comes to computer games in Spanish, I’ve found the selection lacking.  In fact, the only Spanish website my sons are everRead More ...

Sign Language with Classic Children’s Stories {Giveaway}

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My baby is finally starting to use his sign language with me!  It is so exciting to have him let me know his wants and needs through signs.  I had used sign language with my first son, and it was a wonderful way to communicate before he could speak.  We stuck to the basics—milk, more, eat, all done, etc.  Just knowing these simple signs went a long way in helping us with communication difficulties.  In our family, where I speakRead More ...

Cha, Cha, Cha: Canciones Infantiles {Giveaway}

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Most kids, mine included, are naturally musical, and using music to create a bilingual environment is an organic way to foster language learning.  So I’m always on the lookout for additions to our playlist, and am happy to say that this will stay in heavy rotation.  If you’re looking for some new tunes en español, you can’t go wrong with “Cha, Cha, Cha!” Not only is Cha Cha Cha fun to listen to, it really does teach Spanish to bothRead More ...

The Rosemary Wells Collection featuring Max and Ruby {Giveaway}

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If you are already familiar with the adorable bunnies Max and Ruby of literary and television fame, you will be excited to add this Scholastic DVD set to your collection. With eight stories, two of which have Spanish versions, it features classic illustrations and animated narration. Each story lasts for about 5-10 minutes and includes subtitles, which are intended to support early reading skills. The short duration of the stories is the best thing about them. Every few minutes, newRead More ...

You Say Pico de Gallo, I Say Chirimol

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Like so many Latin foods, words, and traditions, the incarnations of what we usually call “salsa” are innumerable.  As a Salvadoran, I grew up with Chirimol, which is kind of similar to what you find at mexican restaurants as “pico de gallo.”  It’s easy to make, and delicious. Cebollas, Limon, y Sal–these are a few of the strong sabores in chirimol, and they all work to balance eachother perfectly.  No matter what the occasion, every family celebration I remember fromRead More ...

Hap Palmer: Learning in Two Languages/Aprendiendo en dos idiomas

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Whenever a new music CD for my kids enters our house, I soon end up mentally filing it under one of three categories.  First, we have the ultra-screechy children’s music that I would rather not listen to (but that my kids often adore).  Then, there are the rare few CDs that I like so much I’ve been known to listen to them in the car or while I’m working–without the kids.  And finally, there is a lovely middle ground, CDsRead More ...

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