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Betty Galvan is Mexican-American from Chicago living in New Jersey with her husband and 3 bilingual boys under the age of 6. She is a former middle school Language Arts and Reading teacher and even taught preschool in Tokyo, Japan! Currently a work-from-home mom, Betty writes a Latina lifestyle blog, My Friend Betty Says, encouraging her readers to seek the benefits from bilingual education, travel, books, and more. Please visit to see what else she recommends for living a positive life here.


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Disney Gravity Falls DVD {Giveaway}

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Just in time for the Halloween season, Disney Gravity Falls, is now on DVD! “Six Strange Tales” is about Dipper and his twin sister, Mabel, who are sent to spend their summer vacation with their great uncle in Gravity Falls. Perfect for this time of year, the six episodes are full of riddling situations such as silly gnomes pretending to be zombies, Mable in search for her perfect vampire, and little old men creating scary “legends” just to gain theRead More ...

Ingenio: Bilingual Slide & Discover + Math-o-Matic {Giveaway}

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These recent discoveries receive triple points from me. Number one, both the Slide & Discover and Math-o-Matic can be used in English and Spanish. They are also both appropriate for a variety of ages (perfect for my sixteen month-old, almost three year-old and six year-old)! Finally, as a mother who believes children can and should learn through play, both of these products are super educational. Slide & Discover is full of vocabulary for Spanish speaking,  English speaking, or bilingual children. Read More ...

Club Penguin’s “Teen Beach Movie” Summer Jam in Spanish! {Giveaway}

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Everyone has been talking about Disney’s “Teen Beach Movie” (including my very, very pre-teen Diego)! He can’t help but hear what his friend’s older siblings are saying and he catches the commercials on Disney all the time. Even more exciting: Disney’s Club Penguin is partying it up backstage at the “Teen Beach Movie” Summer Jam! Club Penguin is new to my son but as soon as I told him he could give it a try, he was all over it. FromRead More ...

New: Magic School Bus DVDs {Giveaway}

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I can be a little bit strict when it comes to my boys and TV. Those of you who know me, have heard me talk about using little screen time as educational as possible. Just like my boys watching Spanish cartoons, when we received these DVDs in the mail, I said to them, “knock yourselves out!” They loved THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: REVVING UP (3 discs) and THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: IN A PICKLE. Sixteen fun episodes about science, perfectRead More ...

A Magazine for Children: Ladybug en Español {Giveaway!}

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What a great discovery we have made! Cricket Publishers have just launched their Ladybug Magazine in Spanish! Ladybug en español is designed for children ages 3 to 6, perfect for my two oldest sons, who are beginning to or are already reading in Spanish. Our boys still need guidance when reading in their second language, and we found that Ladybug is perfect for us to continue to read aloud en español. While reading Ladybug to my oldest, the illustrations caughtRead More ...

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