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good moments

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My girl is growing up just as fast as everybody warned me she would. Friends and family kept telling me that “that too shall pass” whenever I would get desesperada with the tough moments that are an essential part of motherhood. At the same time, these wise amigas would remind me that the good moments would pass as well and that I needed to remain as present as possible at all times and suck in as much as I could of those beautiful moments that make motherhood the rewarding, life-changing experience it is.

They would tell me to pause and just be.

They would tell me to document as much as possible, because memory soon fails and betrays us.

They would tell me to take the good and the bad as part of the big, never-stopping pendulum of parenthood.

They would tell me to take care of myself too so I could enjoy the good more and be less reactive to the bad.

They were all right.

Camila is now six and the good moments just keep getting “gooder,” as she prefers to say.

When she asks me to tell her stories about when she was a baby and what she liked, I tell her that one of the moments I remember the most was how I would calm her down during her witching hour tantrums. She loved music and still does. She also loved constant movement, and still does. When she was just months old, I realized that if I carried her in the sling facing forward and I put some music on we could dance in front of the full-body mirror in her room and she’d almost always immediately calm down. I had it down to two songs: “Te Mando Flores” by Fonseca and “Me Enamora” by Juanes.

She was as down with them as I was. Maybe because I had been swaying her to my moves ever since she was in my pancita. In any case, by that time of the day my body needed to so desperately move and let go, and she needed the change in rhythm. We both needed the non-diaper-changing, breastfeeding, stroller-walking kind of bonding.

Until this day, pumping up music and dancing together is still one of the ways we connect the most intimately. Although now she totally controls the tunes. Yep, she’s all grown up.

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