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If you are looking for a non-traditional book in Spanish, though it comes in English as well, then Tener un patito es util/Tener un nene es util is it! It is essentially a two-for-one book (though the stories are connected) because as the pages are flipped, the book unfolds to one long panel. You can start reading about the duck’s perspective (yellow side) about bath time and then flip the book over to read about the little child’s perspective (blue side). In fact, one of the reasons why I love this book is because it offers a way to teach children about seeing the world (or in this case, the point of view of a rubber duck versus a little kid during bath time) from two different points of view.

The illustrations and the storyline were both created by the author, Marisol Misenta, an Argentine native who is known by the mononym ISOL. Like many of her other children’s books, such as Nocturno: Recetario de sueños, there is an interactive component where the child reading the book is asked to, either literally or implicitly, to think or write about what is happening in the book.

31 Days Of Reading in Spanish   BOOK DETAILS 

   Title: Tener un patito es útil/Tener un nene es útil

   Author and Illustrator: ISOL

   Ages: 2-5 years

   Publisher/Year:  ISBN: 978-1480001244

   Price: $18.49 on Amazon.com

   Website:  http://www.isol-isol.com.ar/


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