31 Days of Reading in Spanish: Guacamole

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31 Days of Reading in Spanish for #BilingualKids : Guacamole -- SpanglishBaby.com

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When it comes to story time, my 4-year-old son is the one in charge of the evening’s literary adventure of choice. But when I surprised him with Jorge Argueta’s Guacamole, his eyes lit up with delight when he saw the vivid and beautiful illustrations by Margarita Sada.

I was just as excited to read this book to my son as he was. Centered on two of my passions that I strive to instill in my son, cooking and poetry, this book was such a joy to experience with him.

The poem follows three playful siblings on their quest to prepare guacamole. Following the recipe’s instructions, each cooking step is brought to life with added song, dance and rhythmic repetition. The happy children are tiny enough to dance under the kitchen faucet as they rinse cilantro sprigs and ride a lime peel as they navigate the river of its own juice.

The story explains and describes the texture and taste of guacamole and its ingredients one by one with an added flair and vivid description. This is the perfect cooking poem for the entire family to enjoy.

31 Days Of Reading in Spanish     BOOK DETAILS

      Title: Guacamole

      Author: Jorge Argueta

Illustrator: Margarita Sada

      Publisher/Year:  Groundwood Books/2012

      Ages: 4-7 years

      ISBN: 978-155-498-133-5

      Price: $14.75 on Amazon.com

      Website: jorgeargueta.com

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