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Here’s why my kids like this book: it has a rooster, a talking goat, and a fire. (I have three boys ages 5 and under. They are easily entertained.)

However, I don’t want to discount the beauty of this simple story. It’s a Cuban folktale retold, about a bossy rooster going to his uncle’s wedding. Along the way, the rooster dirties his beak, then tries to persuade a series of characters, from fellow animals to a blade of grass and a stick, to help him clean it. No one will pitch in until the sun, who owes the rooster a favor, obliges.

If there’s a moral here  — it is a story about a bully after all — I overlook it to have fun with the repetitive phrases sprinkled throughout the text. (There’s a lot of room to imitate characters’ voices too, if you like.)

I also love the illustrations. Anyone who has lived in or visited Miami can recognize the streets of Little Havana in the background.

Like many Cuban children, the author of this book  remembers hearing her grandmother tell her this story at night in the “impenetrably” dark and quiet countryside. Her retelling evokes that same feeling, one I’m always happy to share with my city slicking kids.

31 Days Of Reading in Spanish    BOOK DETAILS

    Title: El Gallo de Bodas

    Author: Lucia M. Gonzalez

    Illustrator: Lulu Delacre

    Age group: 3-5 years

    Publisher/Year: Scholastic/1994

    ISBN: 978-0439067577

    Price: $4.89 on



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