Living In Two Worlds, But With Just One Language from NPR — I’m sure a lot of you can relate to Elysha O’Brien’s story about being a “Mexican white girl who doesn’t speak Spanish.” The college professor’s parents made a conscious decision not to pass on their native language to avoid discrimination. Sad, but very real for so many Latinos.

WISD Shutters Dual Language Program — A school district in Texas decides to end the dual language immersion program in two of its elementary schools, and the parents are rightly shocked, confused and angered. Many say they moved to the area to get their kids into the school and had to sign a contract saying they would commit to staying for six years in order for the program to be successful. What are they supposed to do now?

Dual Language Program Has Parents Camping for Days — The length parents who understand the importance of bilingualism will go to to get their kids enrolled in a dual language immersion program. ¡Qué bien!

Will y Jaden Smith llegaron a Despierta América hablando español — This is a must watch! I was actually surprised by how much Spanish Will Smith speaks and I have to congratulate it for how hard he tried to stick to Spanish during the entire interview. Good for him¡! (Hat tip to the awesome Tracy of Latinish. Gracias, amiga!)

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