7 Things I learned about sponsoring a child

It’s been over a week since my daughter and I returned from our trip to El Salvador to visit family and to meet Brenda, the girl we sponsor through Save the Children. Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about her, plan what we’re sending her next, and pray for her and her family. The connection to her has been that deep for both Camila and I.

I loved sharing the pictures and the story of why we decided to sponsor Brenda, how we “chose” Brenda and how we were able to meet her in her school in a remote pueblo in El Salvador. Your comments were so uplifting since almost every single one of you mentioned you were now inspired to consider sponsoring a child yourself. I totally get that there are so many misconceptions about sponsorship that hold many of us back from considering putting our donations funds into this. I was in that mindset for the longest time and I’m so thrilled that I took the plunge and that led me to discover the real work that’s being done by organizations like Save the Children to make sure underprivileged kids have access to the basics they need to survive and thrive.

I promised to share more about what I learned about sponsoring a child. Click here to check out my Babble Voices post on the 7 things I learned about sponsoring a child. 

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