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Last week we started sharing our favorite SpanglishBaby Words On Wednesdays on SpanglishBabyPlayground. While we are not promoting the incorrect use of a language, we’d like to share funny words our babies come up with, it is super cute!

Here are some of our favorites:

Rebeca Cervantes: “…my daughter says ‘cheso’ for saying queso/cheese. Cracks me up.”

Melissa Cunningham: “My son (almost 5 years old)…says that spicy foods ‘pic’ them (pronounced like pique or peek from the Spanish word picar/picante).”

Stephanie: “My daughter Grace used to say ‘Tico’ for Taco. Every now and then she still does but will stop herself (sometimes), laugh and say ‘oops’ taco.”

Patricia Miller: “mi nina dice “tijers” por decir scissors/tijeras…”

Marilyna Rodriguez:  “Mariana tiene 4 anos.  Cuando quiere que le laven su tazita para tomar leche me dice: ‘lavo it’ por lavalo.”

Mixing languages is part of learning two or more languages at a time, do you have a SpanglishBaby Word to share with us? Come on in the conversation, we want to know your baby’s words at Words on Wednesdays Forum!

{Photo by Lo.pho on Flickr}

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