Day of the Dead calaca face painting

Last week a Colombian friend of ours decided that it would be a great idea to have a pre-Halloween party for the kids. She’s always coming up with the best ideas to keep the kids entertained and en español. This time, she came up with the idea of having a comparsa-style party, meaning that the whole family would have to come dressed up under one theme and put together a show to perform in front of everyone.


As fun as it sounded, I was nervous because I’m the worst at having the Halloween spirit. I never, ever dress up because I just can never get creative about it or dedicate time to it. But this time I wanted and needed to do it for my girl. I knew this would be a blast for her and we hadn’t seen this group of amigos in a while.

Since I’m a bit wee obsessed with the Day of the Dead celebration, I decided it would be fun if the three of us got our faces painted as calacas and found mariachi outfits. We could only find a good mariachi outfit for my husband, but we scored big time when Sara (of Music with Sara fame!) jumped at the chance to paint our faces!

My girl wasn’t too thrilled at the idea at first because, well, we just weren’t princesas! So I grabbed one of her favorite books, Rosita y Conchita, and explained to her that she would look just like Rosita. After one night of restless sleep and me having to explain that we wouldn’t actually all be muertos, she finally understood and got excited about it.

So, with Rosita y Conchita in hand, Camila directed Sara so her face would come out exactly as she wanted it. It was beautiful to watch.

The three of us came out looking so amazing, I must dare say! Thanks to Sara for playing along with us!

Check it out for yourselves:

Oh, and we never ended up actually performing because my girl got stage fright, but we did get the most amazing compliments and we loved it all!

What is your Halloween costume all about?

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