Since my girl doesn’t get to see her Abuelita very much, we’re always looking for excuses to get the two of them together. We try to get to El Salvador at least once per year, and my mom tries to visit us in Los Angeles once a year as well.

This year we were able to find the perfect excuse to spend some amazing quality time together and create the best kind of memories at Disney World in Orlando.

I was one of 200 mom bloggers to receive an invitation to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, a yearly three-day event put together by the Disney Social Media team to gather in one place mom bloggers and our families. Bloggers get to participate in a full day of sessions led by amazing and inspiring speakers, as well as learn about the Disney way and new initiatives and share our feedback and insights. Meanwhile, the families get to enjoy admissions to the park, the pool at the host hotel, which this year was the Yacht Club, as well as attendance to the nightly, and insanely fun, dinner parties.

My husband and I decided the cost for the three of us to travel was too high-even considering the many perks, discounts, etc provided by the organizers—and figured the investment would be better spent on la Abuelita. And we weren’t wrong.

Not only did my mom finally get to sneak a peek at my life as a blogger (which I’m sure she was dying of curiosity to figure out!), my girl and her Abuelita got to reconnect on neutral and happiest-place-on-earth-ground, just the two of them.

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As expected, it was also a reboot for Camila’s Spanish as she always makes more of an effort to speak in Spanish when her familia is around. She knows they understand English, but she also knows they truly are Spanish-speakers and that’s how she relates to them. It’s like a chip in her brain turns on and she knows.

Our trip isn’t over yet, even though Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is. We’re now heading to Tampa to visit my aunt (my mom’s sister) so Camila can spend time with her tía abuela and more extended family and be showered with crazy amor de familia. Next, we’re driving down to Miami for the Mom 2.0 Summit. I’m dragging my patient mami with me through all this not only to help with Camila, but also because these crazy trips and moments are what my girl’s connection to her family are now all about. We have to make it happen como sea.

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