mi vida con toty sofia vergara hijo son manolo nuevon

I just LOVED watching the first episode of the newly launched “Mi Vida Con Toty” show on the new You Tube channel NuevOn. “Toty” is the apodo, or nickname, to which Sofia Vergara answers to when called by her closest family and friends. The star of this show is Manolo, Sofías son, who takes us into a hilarious glimpse into his life as the son of a Latina celebrity in Hollywood.

The first episode, “Menos Hollywood, Más Barranquilla/Less Hollywood, More Barranquilla” feels so real and heartwarming as Manolo histerically shares how Sofía is portrayed when in her Hollywood persona, versus the “real” girl from Barranquilla, Colombia. Manolo seamlessly goes from Spanish to English, from Barranquilla to Hollywood. A true testament to the amazing job Sofía and his dad (who we meet in the video!) did at raising a confident bilingual and bicultural child.

Check it out. You will love it for sure!

Or how about this one where they confront head on the questions about Sofía´s accent?

I´m also told that you can leave questions for Manolo on his NuevON show´s comment section and he will be responding them in both English, Spanish and, of course, Spanglish!

NuevON launched today and will offer bilingual content aimed at the Latino youth market and featuring celebrities such as Wilmer Valderrama, Sofía Vergara, Felipe Viel and Alejandro Chabán. Check out the full lineup and subscribe here.

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