cascarones smashing confetti filled eggs

I have to admit the traditional American Easter celebration with bunnies, egg hunts and such still feels new to me. As much as I grew up with both the U.S. and Salvadoran traditions, in El Salvador Easter week was Semana Santa; and that meant a week of beach and religious celebrations.

This is honestly the first year we’ve gone all out with a visit from the Easter bunny, an egg hunt and, claro, learning how to make cascarones (confetti Easter eggs)! My girl is so privy now of the celebration because of all the input from preschool and she came home last week asking why the Bunny had never visited her house. So this year, it visited.

how to make cascarones confetti filled eggs

She also had a blast dyeing eggs, filling them with confetti and smashing them over our heads. I truly love making cascarones because at least I feel the eggs serve some type of purpose. I really have no idea what you’re supposed to do with a batch of hard-boiled, beautifully colored eggs once their use is over? Please enlighten me!

In any case, we’ve had a blast adopting this “new” tradition for our bicultural family and my girl can expect many more years of Easter bunny visits, baskets with chocolate and fun cascarones action.

Speaking of cascarones, last year Roxana wrote a post about her first time making cascaroneswith her kids and taught us how to do them. Well, that post was found by an Associated Press reporter, she interviewed Roxana and wrote a story titled “Cascarones: Latin American tradition of confetti-filled eggs expands in US” which ended up in publications such as the Washington Post and the Houston Chronicle! Now, how’s that for keeping our traditions alive?

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