Pixar Disney Brave

I just feel like a child invited to Disneyland for the first time and not allowed to get on any of the rides!

Last week I told you I had received an invitation from Disney to visit the famed Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville (in the California Bay Area) where the final touches to the movie Brave are still being made. The whole group of mom bloggers and traditional media arrived today to San Francisco and we were quickly transported in a bus to Pixar.

Upon our arrival we were all escorted into a private screening room, not before we had to let go of the tight grasp on our cell phones, cameras and any other electronic device and then were patted down with more care than at any airport security terminal. Understandably, Disney and Pixar are serious about making sure nothing of what we were about to see of the animated film Brave comes out to the public just yet. However, they were excellent at teasing us big time!

After a brief intro from the movie´s director, Mark Andrews, and producer, Katherine Sarafian, and a warning that the first thirty minutes of the film we were about to watch were not completely finished, we got to watch the Academy Award nominated short film La Luna, which will appear right before Brave in theaters. La Luna´s director Enrico Casarosa was there with us as we all gasped in reaction to the beautiful imagery and tender story he created.

And then, we got to be the first media ever to see the first thirty minutes of Brave. I wished I could tell you exactly what I saw, but I´m not allowed to just yet by the powers-to-be at Disney. I´m just writing this to tease you so I´m not the only one who feels teased after being so enthralled and into the movie and then have it end abruptly after 30 minutes and leaving me wanting más! Now, I´ll just have to wait until this summer (June 22nd is the official release date) to watch the whole movie.

What I can tell you is that all I could think about while watching the fiery Merida-the first Pixar female heroine-and her mom, the Queen, interact, all I could think about is my own fiery, fierce and courageous bilingual princesa at home. The mother-daughter relationship portrayed in the film has left me examining my own and how I can continue to encourage her soul to develop and listen to her…really, really listen to her in all her glory.

Just check out this trailer and you´ll see exactly what I´m talking about.

Tell me, what do you thing about Disney*Pixar´s Brave so far?

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