Easy-To-Make Cereal Box Easter Basket

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Spring, is near! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Between the winter weather and rain you  may be stuck in your casa, more than you would like to be. So pull out your craft box and let’s get started.

Your main supplies are basic things you may already have in your house: cereal box and tissue paper. You can also use leaves, Spanish moss, ribbon or scrapbook paper to personalize your Easter basket.

These are great to use as party favors, Easter class treats or for your little ones at home.

For the precious little chick you can go here for the easy instructions on how to make it.

What You’ll Need:



Pipe Cleaner

Tissue paper

Cereal box


Primero, cut your tissue paper into long strands. Then you will cut the strand the desired size of the rosette and twist them. I personally don’t like my rosettes to have a tight look to them so I loosely twist them for a puffy rosette look. For my mini cereal box I used 5 rows of 4 Rosettes.

Segundo, you will begin to roll the tissue paper creating your rosette.

Tercero, glue them on to the box.

Cuarto, make a hole on each side of the box so that you can insert your pipe cleaner and tape it on the inside for additional support.

Just four easy steps for this adorable personalized Easter basket.

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