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I was browsing through my girl’s pictures of her first year of life—almost five years ago now—and was surprised at how emotional one can get remembering all the magical moments that come from the awe of having a baby in your life for the first time.  Everything surrounding parenthood and caring for an infant the first time is so new, awkward and incredibly precious that you feel like treasuring every single aspect of it. Well, maybe not the waking-up-every-two-hours-for-a-year moments, but, somehow, even those become part of your special story forever.

Out of all the pictures I went through, so many of them were “firsts”: first smile, first bath, first music mommy and me class, etc. But out of all those pictures there were three that just brought back a flood of magic moments and memories.

First day home as a familia

This is the day my husband and I brought home our precious girl, Camila. After a 36-hour labor, she had to be brought to this world via an emergency C-Section and we then spent three days in the hospital. My husband took this picture right before we set foot inside the house with her for the very first time and officially welcomed her home. She loves watching this picture now and having me tell her about the day she was born.

Our co-sleeping days...unforgettable

For the first six months of my girl’s life she slept most of the night with us in bed. I was definitely into attachment parenting back then and believed in co-sleeping all the way. Every night we’d get to sleep with each other’s heartbeat and warmth…two hours at a time! Yes, my girl was not the best sleeper, so being in close proximity helped with the late night feedings and changings. Now, those are the moments I treasure the most.

First birthday, first tres leches cupcake

This day was so special because not only did it mark her first year of life, but also the fact that my husband and I survived our first year of parenthood! We celebrated at a local park with lots of friends and good food. I will never forget how ecstatic Camila was the whole day, as if she clearly understood this was totally and completely all about her. She dug into that tres leches cupcake as if she were looking for a hidden treasure.

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Would love to know what your family’s magic moments have been, whether you’re going through it now or reminiscing about them.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of DisneyBaby.com. All opinions, pictures and magical moments are all our own.

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