clorox bleach it away

One of the things you don’t realize once you become a mom is how seriously messy your life becomes…in so many ways.

No one can prepare you for the first diaper explosion (my husband had to deal with that one, ¡el pobre!), the projectile bursts of milk, or a closet full of stained shirts. We go through them and somehow survive and it all becomes part of the messy moments in life file. But, some are just bigger and much more memorable than others. Much.more.memorable.

I share my family’s biggest messy moment so far in the video below. I won’t ruin it, but the story includes a Vegas date night and my daughter’s craving for a cherry icee.

Horrible, no? We all have those messy moments that we are dying to tell and only another parent would dare indulge in. I invite you to get it off your chest and share your moment on Clorox’s Bleach It Away and you’ll automatically receive a coupon, plus you’ll be entered to win a daily prize of a $100 Gift Card and the grand prize of $25,000!!

Wish I could enter and finally make my husband’s and I weekend getaway a reality….*sigh*

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign to promote Clorox’s Bleach It Away. The story and messy moment is all my own, yep.


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