mexico today social magazineAs you know, since June I’ve been sharing stories about the things I love about Mexico and I think you will too. Now, as a Mexico Today Community Manager, most of my posts will live on the newly launched Mexico Today Social Magazine. What’s exciting about this is that YOU get to share your stories there too! They can be articles you write or any links (video or text) about Mexico you find and want to share.

Not only will you get to spread so much of the good news about Mexico, but your submission will also automatically make you eligible to win a $500 gift card! Just in time to start saving for holiday shopping and trips…to Mexico, maybe? ;)

More about the Mexico Today Social Magazine:

The newly launched Mexico Today Social Magazine on Facebook profiles stories and submissions from leading Mexico bloggers and influencers, including the 24 Mexico Today Ambassadors.

This innovative tactic pushes the envelope of what is possible on Facebook, leveraging community participation from fans to produce a dynamic and evolving, socially-curated online publication. The intent is to create a grassroots movement by allowing submissions from those who are interested in Mexico’s culture, the Mexican economy, Mexico’s environment and more.

Help shape the conversation about today’s Mexico. The Magazine accepts not only short links, but also longer blog posts. Submit your content today to enter a chance to win a $500 gift card.

I invite you to head over there now and check out my latest post about Mexico’s National Bird, the Golden Eagle, and how it has gotten close to be saved from extinction!

 Disclosure: I am being compensated for my work in creating and managing content as a Community Manager for the México Today Program.  All stories, opinions and passion for all things México shared here  and everywhere are completely my own.

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