As many of you know, Ana and I were in San Diego for the BlogHer ’11 conference a week ago where we were able to spend a bunch of time with other fellow Latina bloggers – some of which you can see in the photo below which was taken with my new Motorola XOOM.

One of the things I’ve never liked about going to conferences is having to schlep my laptop with me. So I was thrilled to get the XOOM just in time for the conference and, I must say, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s perfect weight and size made it easy to carry around in my tote. I hadn’t had the chance to play with a tablet before, so it was all pretty much new to me. But after very little exploration, I was able to set it up and start putting this powerful little machine to work.

I liked taking out the tablet during the different sessions I attended so I could take notes which was made super easy with the wireless Motorola keyboard I also got. But, with a 10.1-inch HD widescreen display, the XOOM was also great for tweeting. I even recorded the audio from one of the sessions when I couldn’t keep up with the note taking.


{Latina Bloggers @ BlogHer '11}

I hadn’t taken a camera (again, I didn’t want to schlep all those things around) and while my cell phone’s camera is okay for certain things, I was pretty blown away by the quality of both the XOOM’s camera and its videocamera. I got to use the XOOM’s camera to get a picture of both Ana and I so I could use it for the very important announcement we shared with you last Monday.

The XOOM also allowed me to stay in touch with my two kids via Google Talk. I loved being able to see my daughter, who had started Kindergarten earlier in the week, and she even got to show me the drawing of a rainbow she had made on her fourth day! Finally, I can’t stop raving about the XOOM’s battery life. I think I only had to charge the tablet once the whole time I was in San Diego and not even because the battery was dead, but just to make sure I had it at 100%.

By the way, Motorola just announced they have dropped the price of the XOOM to $499 with a 2 year contract – making it the lowest priced tablet on the market.

Disclosure:  SpanglishBaby received compensation and a Motorola XOOM to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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