SpanglishBaby Interviewed on Vme’s TuBebe

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We will always jump at the chance to be invited to talk about our favorite topic of all times:  Raising bilingual and bicultural kids and the rewards and challenges that come with it.

One of our constant partners and promoters is Vme TV.  We have been organically writing about Vme ever since we launched, even before they believed enough in us and you to sponsor SpanglishBaby, because we´ve always believed they have the best free educational programming for Spanish-speaking kids.

One of their most popular shows is TuBebé, hosted by Minerva, Venezuelan mom of a 2 YO boy being raised in Miami. TuBebé covers topics concerning pregnancy, maternity and babies. The producers called me to set up an interview via Skype since I´m in L.A. and their studios are in Miami.  It was the first time they were doing this, so it was a great experiment for all of us.

As you can tell in the video, I had a great time talking to Minerva and totally forgot this was going to be broadcast to hundreds of thousands of viewers!  Her and I just got chit-chatty about our kids, their Spanish, las familias and everything the SpanglishBaby community is about.

Hope you enjoy it!

Disclosure:  Although Vme is a SpanglishBaby sponsor, this is not a sponsored post or part of an advertisement commitment.

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