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It’s hard to believe but three months have already gone by since we started our trilingual adventures with Little Pim. Today, I bring you my daughter Vanessa’s last progress report. But be on the lookout next week for our final Skype consultation with Little Pim founder, Julia Pimsleur, which will include an awesome giveaway of their products :) .

Last month I wrote about how proud I am that Vanessa seems to love languages just as much as I do. Just recently, her father got back from a trip to Israel and when he taught her a couple of words in both Hebrew and Arabic, her face completely lit up! Who would’ve known?

In the last month, we’ve continued watching her choice of our Little Pim DVDs and have continued to use bath time as French time, just like Julia recommended in our last Skype conversation. The added benefit of this is that I usually give both my children a bath at the same time, so my baby son is getting exposure to French without any effort whatsoever!

One thing we have started doing more regularly is listen to French music. I have the Little Pim French Bop CD in Vanessa’s player in her room and in my iPod in my car, so it’s always readily available. It’s funny how even though we’re huge supporters of music for language learning here at SpanglishBaby, I hadn’t really put this to use so intently since the beginning of our journey. I’m not sure why because Vanessa, like any child, absolutely loves music and dancing.

The best thing about Little Pim’s French Bop CD is that the tunes are super catchy and easy to follow. None of them is annoying – even after listening to it for the umpteenth time, unlike some children’s music out there. Vanessa already knew a couple of the songs on the CD, but since we started listening to the it on a regular basis, she’s learned quiet a few of them. Nothing better than the repetition of lyrics to help children learn new vocabulary words.

Now, whenever she catches a word she doesn’t know while listening to the music or trying to follow along by singing, she’ll ask me what it means. Or, sometimes – out of the blue – she’ll want to know how you say something particular in French. I love that she does this, except that sometimes I just don’t have the word she’s looking for and I have to make a mental note to look it up and come back to tell her. In fact, just yesterday, as I was reading my children a book about dinosaurs, Vanessa asked what these prehistoric animals were called in French.

I must say I’m very happy we have started this journey and I truly look forward to Vanessa’s – and eventually my baby boy’s – progress in her third language. My plan is to keep French in their lives making sure I keep it us fun as possible. I promise to write about it to let you know how our journey is moving forward.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking about introducing a third language in your household or you’re just interested in adding quality products to support the minority language in your family, I highly recommend you check out Little Pim. In case you didn’t know, all SpanglishBaby readers can get a 15% discount by using the code PIMBABY at checkout.

À bientôt !

Disclosure:  This post is part of a series of entries made possible by Little Pim.  The stories, outcomes, and opinions regarding this trilingual adventure are all our own.

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