Bienvenidos to SpanglishBaby!

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Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! We’re so thankful you are here!

In case you didn’t know: SpanglishBaby was born out of a real necessity almost two years ago. Two professional, successful, bilingual Latina amigas became mothers and had nowhere to turn for answers to their burning questions about how to raise their daughters not only to speak both their languages, Spanish and English, but also to be very proud of their Latino raíces.

While we know a lot of you have been with us since day one — gracias totales for that! —many of you have  joined us recently and so we wanted to make sure you can take full advantage of the amazing community we’ve become since we hit “Publish” for the first time!

The Beginning

If you’re brand new here, the following are a few suggestions of general articles related to raising bilingual + bicultural children. These articles contain the kind of background information you’ll need if you’re just getting started:

How To’s

For tips on how to successfully raise bilingual kids and ideas on how to deal with some of the most common issues/problems related to bilingualism, you might want to read the following:

Other voices

We’re also very lucky to have a diverse group of awesome contributors who are committed to raising their children bilingual/bicultural and who bring new perspectives to our shared journey every week. As if that weren’t enough, we’re also blessed with the advice of our extremely knowledgeable and highly distinguished set of experts who answer our readers questions and concerns candidly every week and give the kind of real life answers we can all put to use!

Some Favoritos

We’ve certainly written a lot of posts in the last couple of years, but some have been more popular than others. We leave you with them:

We hope these lists give you an insight of what SpanglishBaby is all about and again we thank you for your presence, your support and all your hard work in raising your niños bilingual and bicultural. No es fácil. We know.

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