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Here it is. A bilingual show for our niños with a live cast that sings, plays, dances and educates in Spanish and English: Dos y Dos. I found out about them over a year ago but had not been able to watch the show. I finally got my hands on a DVD and put it to the test with my daughter. I have to admit that she was not immediately drawn to the DVD cover since it features the four cheerful cast members: Fernando, Sofía, Adriana and Andres, and not a cartoon character.  At 3 years of age, she´s still in the cartoon stage.

Once that hurdle was passed, and I could convince her to watch the show with me, I can honestly say she enjoyed it and asked for más. What got her for sure was the singing and dancing, and what got me was that it is all in Spanish, with the occasional, not accidental, word or phrase in English. I do wish they would have been more careful when syncing the songs to the video, but that only annoyed me. My daughter could have cared less.

From the site:

Dos y Dos is designed to build skills deemed critical for early childhood development. As the cast solves the “Riddle of the day”, they teach fundamental core values like sharing, helping, and the importance of teamwork. Every show has three music videos performed by the cast in Spanish, with one of those music videos performed also in English, making a total of four educational music videos per half-hour episode.

Dos y Dos is being broadcast through LATV U.S. Network in 45 cities. Check here to see if yours is included.

If the show is not being played in your area, you can always check out the videos on the website.  Enjoy this music video in Spanish from Dos y Dos.  It´s perfect for this World Cup season when our kids really know what the word GOL means by now!


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