Bicultural Holiday Traditions

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Photo by antonioxalonso

Photo by antonioxalonso

Nothing like the holiday season to fill up your spirit with nostalgic memories full of aromas, tastes, colors and sounds.  Once we own up to them, those same memories are the ones that become traditions.  In our case, these memories turned traditions are a mix of the old and the new, un poco de aquí y un poco de allá.

In honor of the complexity of our heritage and the constant blending of our cultures, that reaches a max during the holiday season, we´ve invited seven mamás blogueras to share their bicultural holiday stories with all of us.  Starting Monday we will publish one post per day from each of these amazing mamás.  Click on their blog links and get to know them some more:

These stories are a collective representation of who we are, a peek into how the blending of cultures is both an art and a necessity for our soul.

I had to join in and share my own story, but decided to have it live in the Tiki Tiki blog where our new friends Carrie and Marta bring us daily stories with cultura, color and sabor.  Please head over there and read how I´m finally owning up to the fact that this year it´s truly my time to create the traditions that will one day become loving memories for my daughter.

Come back tomorrow for a special holiday-tinted ReadMe where Roxana showcases and gives you the chance to win the book La Parranda de Mimi.  Also, SpanglishBabyFinds will highlight our finds in music, books, toys and cositas for the holiday starting tomorrow.  It´s all about las fiestas now!

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