Photo by ReyGuy

Photo by ReyGuy

Not sure if my discovery is going to come as news to you, but I definitely had a cathartic moment when I discovered Aprende con Sesame on iTunes.

One of my best tricks for long car rides is to hand over my iPod to Camila so she can be entertained and mami can have some quiet time to attempt to put some thoughts together, or to at least watch the road ahead of me!

The challenge I’ve had is finding videos on iTunes that are both long enough to do the trick and also in Spanish. Seemed like a very unlikely wish to fulfill via iTunes since their children’s video and podcast catalog in Spanish is lacking, or, I should say, practically non-existant.

We already subscribe to both Dora and Diego podcasts  but those videos barely last longer than a minute. That means that as soon as it’s over Camila either hands the phone over to me asking (OK…demanding!) another video or she just throws it. Either way, not ideal driving conditions or conducive to my peace of mind.

Enter Sesame Street and Elmo to the rescue-en español!


Back in 2007, Sesame Workshop made available for free via iTunes a series of educational resource videos-Learn Along with Sesame-featuring the Muppets and cast of Sesame Street.  The series was created to be available in both English and Spanish in the US only (Sorry, for now it’s only available in the US iTunes store.)

The Spanish version is called Aprende con Sesame and has eight episodes available for free download.

Your kid will have a blast hearing Elmo, Telly, Big Bird and Rosita talk to each other in Spanish.  It’s probably new to him and you can use the opportunity to tell him that some of his favorite characters are learning or speaking Spanish, just like him!

From health and safety concerns to dealing with emotions and new situations, these videos engage and educate children and adults alike with the Muppets, lively music and the Spanish language.  Oh yeah, did I mention they all last an average of 25 minutes and can be easily downloaded to my iPod?  Yay!

I love the option of having over four hours of purely educational and free programming in Spanish at hand to watch on the computer, phone, video device, burnt on DVD, etc…

I would have included a video for you to preview the series, but iTunes has made it impossible to share even a snippet with you.  So, just head over there with the link below and start downloading to your heart’s and bandwith’s desire.

Aprende con Sesame Learn Along With Sesame Brought to You By Sesame Street - Aprende con Sesame (Learn Along With Sesame) - Feliz, sano, listo para la escuela - Aprende en todas partes (Happy, Healthy, Ready for School: Learning Is Everywhere)

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