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Photo by striatic

Photo by striatic

Hola! We’re excited to share a few great blogs with you this Sunday as part of our weekly roundup! We hope you enjoy them and if you know of any more, please send them our way…

1. Exposure to 2 Languages Carries Far-Reaching Benefits – People who can speak two languages are more adept at learning a new foreign language than their monolingual counterparts, according to research conducted at Northwestern University. And their bilingual advantage persists even when the new language they study is completely different from the languages they already know. Yet another study that shows the benefits of learning more than one language…

2. Ten Things You Can Do for the Dream ActIf you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know we’re big supporters of this Act. These are simple and easy things you can do to make this happen. I actually have already done 4 of them and it took me 3 minutes. So please go there and do what you can to help out!

3. Limonada – Esta es la receta más rápida y más efectiva de preparar una deliciosa y refrescante limonada. Al principio me sorprendí cuando vi poner el limón entero, unas cuantas tazas de agua y azúcar en la licuadora, estaba segura de que iba a ser un desastre y que el sabor iba a ser muy amargo; pero luego de cernirla quedé asombrada de lo deliciosa que estaba,  tenía un ligero sabor amargo pero en realidad eso mejoraba la limonada. I’ve been craving a nice, cold limonada for way too long! Now I have the perfect recipe, go try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

4) How Does a Trilingual Kid Learn English? – I bet after reading the post of my family and how the heck we ended up in Costa Rica, you’re most amazed with my son’s ability to speak three languages. For many families out there who are seriously considering following this path, trust me it is sooooooooo worth it!!!!!!!!! Yet, like everything else in this life, there is hard work involved. An interesting read about our fellow mamá boguera, Marina, about her personal experience raising a trilingual child.

5) Breakfast with Juan Soler – Thanks to this invitation from Honey Nut Cheerios, Ana got to meet some very cool mamá blogueras such as Sylvia, Dariela and Angie. Go ahead, check them out!

Y lo mejor para el final…

6) Tiki Tiki Blog - We are sooooo happy to announce the launch of this new blog which contains stories with cultura, color and sabor and it’s a collaboration between some of our favorite mamá blogueras, including Carrie (Bilingual in the Boonies) and Violeta (Multi-Culti Mami) and other incredible Latinas. Please check it out as soon as you can, you’re going to love it. Plus, they have a great giveaway going on right now!

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