YakAcademy offers foreign language classes that are fun, dynamic and engaging for children ages 1-10. Classes capitalize on a child’s window of opportunity for language, which research has shown to be from birth to about age 10. Using play-based immersion techniques, the company creates a fun environment where children naturally absorb language through song, movement, and activities. Through a proprietary curriculum, children are immersed in Spanish (or Mandarin or French). Our dynamic, native-speaking instructors inspire children to embrace language. It is truly foreign language learning made fun!

Imagine being able to put your child on the path to fluency and cultural understanding earlier than the vast majority of his peers ‐ allowing him to truly take advantage of the years when language learning is the easiest. Our half-day, extended immersion classes for preschoolers do just that! Best of all, the program is offered in a quality, caring and warm environment. In addition to the preschool program, Yak Academy also offers enrichment programs for children ages 12 months to 10 years.