Pine Village is a highly respected Spanish Immersion School for Toddlers and Preschoolers with a growing number of small neighborhood schools located within Greater Boston. The schools launch children on a path to global citizenship and cater to those enlightened, globally aware families who are seeking to both jumpstart their child’s world language proficiency at the child development stage where it’s easiest to absorb two languages; and strengthen their child’s multi-cultural awareness.

The Pine Village philosophy encourages a child’s natural active learning orientation through both guided and unstructured play and exploration. Throughout each day, educators allow students to choose their own play, set up their own problems, and control their own learning. This is an exciting and powerful experience for children, who often are subject to the direction of others. Through this type of learning, Pine Village students gain both valuable collaborative problem-solving and communication skills, plus a sense of self-confidence and self-reliance not often demonstrated by children at this stage of development.

Immersion is the key component for learning at Pine Village. By focusing on immersing a child in new experiences, we assure that every child has the opportunity to engage and integrate learning in their own instinctual way. Pine Village immerses every child in a loving environment that encourages natural curiosity and natural instincts to explore and engage in new experiences.