Hi! ¡Hola! Bonjour !


My name is Roxana A. Soto (my middle initial stands for Alexandra, a name I absolutely love, but I never get to use) and I am a lover of languages. I like to say I’m trilingual, but my French is not as strong as I’d like it to be. I’m not giving up, though, especially after my mother – who is in her 60s – went to Quebec to study French in 2011, proving that it’s never too late… for anything!

I am an immigrant born in Lima, Peru – land of the most delectable food… if I do say so myself.

The Pacific Ocean, as freezing as it can be, calls my name. I spent part of my childhood in Mexico, Argentina and South Africa. Eventually, we went back home to Peru where I attended San Silvestre School, the same dual language British school my mom and her two sisters graduated from. When I was 14, my father was transferred to Miami and my real bicultural journey began.

I’ve been married for over 10 years to a kind, loving and fun Puerto Rican man who has introduced me to the best the Caribbean has to offer: delicious food (check out my suegra’s recipe for flan de queso), amazing music (had never heard of bomba and plena before I met him), fun cultural traditions (one day I’ll be part of a parranda) and breathtaking natural and man-made beauty — for such a tiny island, Puerto Rico’s biodiversity is astounding!

Our two children, Vanessa, 6, and Santiago, 3, are my two main reasons behind SpanglishBaby.

I want to make sure they grow up speaking Spanish as comfortably as they speak English. I want them to never doubt that loving and honoring their Latino heritage – both on their father’s side and mine – doesn’t make them less American. On the contrary, it’s exactly what makes them American.

The truth is that while growing up with more than one language is an invaluable intellectual gift, for me, raising my children bilingual and bicultural is mostly a matter of the heart. I know lots of you out there feel the same way.

¡Gracias por ser parte de esta bellísima comunidad! Without you, SpanglishBaby wouldn’t exist!