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Video of the Week::Caillou

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My daughter’s current obsession is Caillou, a Canadian children’s television show based on the books by Christine L’Heureux and illustrator Hélène Desputeaux.  Caillou is a bald-headed, four-year old who loves exploring his world. Caillou is originally broadcast in French, but the Spanish versions can easily be found on YouTube.  PBS airs the English versions in the US. This is one of my girl’s favorite episodes: Caillou y el Gran Tobogán Remember to head over to our new sister site-SpanglishBabyFinds-for yourRead More ...

Bienvenidos to SpanglishBabyFinds

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We’re thrilled you’ve discovered us and our finds.  What exactly is a find?  It’s any product or service that has been made with Latinos and/or bilinguals in mind. If you’re familiar with our sister site, SpanglishBaby, then you know that we constantly feature reviews and giveaways of products we find and we feel you will treasure.  As the Latino and bilingual market continues to grow, so does the amount of products being made for us.  We want to establish ourselvesRead More ...

SpanglishBaby Gets a Sister

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Ana Lilian has been toying with the idea for a while now and, at this point, I guess there’s no better way to celebrate our SIX month anniversary than by launching our brand new sister site: SpanglishBabyFinds! ¿Qué es? A fun and honest review site where we will tell you about all the cool things–music, DVDs, books, clothing, toys, websites, etc–we find related to raising bilingual + bicultural children. The idea is to share with you all the great stuffRead More ...

Mi Primer Bilingual Notebook

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I can almost hear my precious laptop breathing a sigh of relief.  No more sticky fingers and tiny hands banging on it, at least, we hope.  My toddler now feels empowered and less left-out when mamá sits in front of the computer because she has her own little laptop to carry around. Hers is even cooler because it speaks…in TWO languages: English and Spanish.  OK, she can’t stream Pocoyó on Ingenio’s Mi Primer Notebook/My First Notebook, but she can certainlyRead More ...

Bilingual Homeschooling 101

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Thanks for stopping by and being part of this special week where we gathered useful information for parents who are choosing the bilingual homeschool, or even afterschool, route. You can visit the whole series with the links below: An Introduction to Bilingual Homeschooling Ask an Expert: What is a good resource for homeschooling parents? Your Story: A Generation of Bilingual Homeschoolers A Creative Activity for Bilingual Homeschoolers Celebrating Día, Libraries and Bilingual Homeschooling Resources for Bilingual Homeschoolers We invite youRead More ...

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