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Animals Learning Puzzle

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The first thing that captured my attention on this Ingenio Animals Learning Puzzle was that it says “Two puzzles in one” on the box. I didn’t quite get it because there is just one big puzzle and it has animals with their names written in both Spanish in English. But when I gave it to my almost 3 y/o son to play with, the way he started putting it together made me “get it”. He first built each animal orRead More ...

Alphabet Learning Cards

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These cards are similar to the ones Ana Lilian reviewed here, except that instead of opposites, they illustrate the English alphabet on one side and the Spanish one on the other. The Alphabet Learning Cards was the first toy we opened when we got the box from Ingenio and my daughter, Vanessa, had no problem calling out the name of whatever picture she saw on them. She did it all in Spanish and I’m happy to share she recognized mostRead More ...

Smart Projector

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The Smart Projector was definitely the winner during a meetup I recently hosted for some of the kids from our bilingual playgroup to check out the toys and games Ingenio sent us to review. At first, I had been a little worried about how it was going to turn out because none of the kids are older than 4 and even though this company’s toys are recommended for those 3 years and older and Vanessa had already played with someRead More ...

Alphabet Learning Puzzle

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My daughter loves to sing and dance, but has a really hard time sitting still to “learn” anything.  It’s like she recognizes a certain “I’m-about-to-teach-you-something”  tone in my voice that makes her bolt running. This bilingual Alphabet Learning Puzzle is one more of Ingenio’s games that has been cleverly created to satisfy a mom’s need to teach and her child’s need to play.  The 27 pieces that make up this puzzle give you two learning games in one box.  OneRead More ...

Opposites Learning Cards

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I‘ve gotta say it:  Qué ingeniosos los de Ingenio! There.  By now you’ve learned about several of their products and you probably already agree with me.  I had a hard time choosing which products I would receive to review because my daughter is only two years old and most of their toys and games are for the 3+ gang.  Roxana figured Camila was ready to learn her opposites and that these bilingual learning cards could be a fun way toRead More ...

Spellable::A Bilingual Spelling Game

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When I heard about Ingenio, and the great bilingual toys and games they’ve created, I got extremely excited. You can probably imagine, then, just how much the excitement grew when this Spanglish mami witnessed her son putting Spanish words together.  No fuss, no saying “but mom” or “do I have to?”  Did I mention the words he was putting together where in Spanish?!?  And that he was having fun?! Any company that helps a mamá make learning Spanish fun byRead More ...

Bilingual Blocks + Crossword Puzzles

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¿Qué dice acá? This is my three-year-old’s favorite question lately. She wants to know what the logo on her Papito’s t-shirt, the ingredients on the box of cereal and the headline on my magazine all say. Su tía–my sister– has already taken it upon herself to teach her a few letters. She knows the V (that’s because it’s the first letter of her name), O, M, I, X and J. I guess it’s time to get a bit more involvedRead More ...

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