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Ever since my daughter started watching movies, I’ve been wanting her to watch The Lion King and couldn’t find a copy anywhere. She’s seen the show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as well as at Disney on Ice and watched many clips on You Tube. She’s already familiar with Simba and can’t recognize some of the songs.

Come September 16th, she will be able to finally watch the whole film on the big screen and in 3D! Not only that, but just a month later, on October 4th, Disney will release the Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D to take home with you.

For now, your kids can celebrate the Papá in their life with these The Lion King activity sheets available for download by clicking on the image above.

Enjoy this clip from the The Lion King where Simba is receiving life lessons from his father, Mufasa. A perfect father and son moment!

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