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As soon as my son got his hands on Manny´s Repair Shop I was amazed at how he started hammering and using the screwdriver correctly and easily without my help. I didn’t explain how to use it, the parts are big enough and easy enough for him to do it himself.

The toy comes with many parts to build lots of projects. It has six main project blueprints that Manny helps you go through step by step and it also comes with another big sheet with many more ideas of simple or complex projects to build which we have made many of already. One time we made a toolbox and he put some other tools in there and took it with him when we went out; so the projects he builds are other toys he can play with by themselves.

My son is always imitating Daddy if he is fixing something around the house so with this repair shop he invites Daddy to fix something with him, he loves to use the power saw and the power drill that come with it too, they really feel like they are drilling and sawing.

I love that it has music included and when the music comes he gets excited and dances with it. The only complaint I have is that there are not many Spanish words included as in other Handy Manny’s toys, but, as usual, when we play we speak in Spanish, so he says: “Mami, voy a arreglar esto con Handy Manny! Mami, voy a hacer un carrito!”

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