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Xochitl, who originally hails from Mexico, is the community manager for SpanglishBaby Playground. She is a long-time entrepreneur in marketing and media and advocate for bilingual education. Xochitl earned a Master’s degree from UW-Madison and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and nine-year-old son, who she has committed to raise speaking Spanish, English and German while making it a fun cultural experience for him.

Christmas Carols for Posadas- Villancicos Para Pedir Posadas {Printable}

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I have precious memories of celebrating Posadas with neighbors and relatives growing up in Mexico. This week, I was inspired by Becky’s post on Celebrating Las Posadas from Mexico to the US  and I wanted to share the Christmas carol we sang at the Posadas. You can find the printable form below for you to sing with your family! The “Pedir Posada” Villancico tells the story of Maria and Jose’s arrival to Belen (Bethlehem.) The party is divided into groups, theRead More ...

Words on Wednesday, not so cute…

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One of the things that scared me the most about raising my son to speak three languages was that he would speak them all incorrectly. When I heard him say “parqueadero” for parking instead of estacionamiento I didn’t know what to say, I almost cried! Now that he is 9 years old, he is making fewer and fewer mistakes and I am not worried about his misuse of words anymore. Kids just mix them as they learn and it isRead More ...

Celebrating Día de Muertos at SpanglishBabyPlayground – Abuelita Style

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My first memories of Día de Los Muertos was the smell of fresh mole and bolillos (baguettes) that my grandmother made and we took to the cemetery where her parents and siblings were buried, this repeated every November first, it was the most magical event of the year for me. I didn’t really know about Halloween then. Abuelita said that bringing your relatives’ favorite foods to their tomb will bring their souls back to their buried bodies and we will feelRead More ...

Words on Wednesday- super cute!

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Last week we started sharing our favorite SpanglishBaby Words On Wednesdays on SpanglishBabyPlayground. While we are not promoting the incorrect use of a language, we’d like to share funny words our babies come up with, it is super cute! Here are some of our favorites: Rebeca Cervantes: “…my daughter says ‘cheso’ for saying queso/cheese. Cracks me up.” Melissa Cunningham: “My son (almost 5 years old)…says that spicy foods ‘pic’ them (pronounced like pique or peek from the Spanish word picar/picante).”Read More ...

Words on Wednesday and more on SpanglishBabyPlayground!

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We are having a great time at SpanglishBaby Playground and would like to share our latest news and activities! The exchange of bilingual books is on! The Bilingual Children’s Book Exchange Group  is having fun sharing and exchanging our kid’s books.  In its first month, the families have already sent more than 15 packages of bilingual and bicultural books all around the US! We have books for all ages from newborn and toddler to big kids who are reading stories inRead More ...

Spanish-English Bilingual Children’s Book Exchange

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Many agree that one of the challenges in raising a bilingual child is finding children’s books. In fact, this was the very reason that inspired the co-founders of SpanglishBaby, Ana Flores and Roxana Soto, as it reads in the Introduction of their book Bilingual is Better: “The idea was conceived in the summer of 2008 because we were looking for Spanish children’s books online and we couldn’t find any.” As part of the efforts to support bilingual and bicultural families, this wonderfulRead More ...

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