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Xochitl, who originally hails from Mexico, is the community manager for SpanglishBaby Playground. She is a long-time entrepreneur in marketing and media and advocate for bilingual education. Xochitl earned a Master’s degree from UW-Madison and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and nine-year-old son, who she has committed to raise speaking Spanish, English and German while making it a fun cultural experience for him.

31 Days of Reading in Spanish: Un Pez, Dos Peces, Pez Rojo, Pez Azul

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Editor’s note: We continue with our 31 Days of Reading in Spanish. Check out the book review below and don’t forget to enter our weekly GIVEAWAY of $100 worth of books in Spanish! BOOK DESCRIPTION/REVIEW My son and I have read many of Dr. Seuss’ books and this is definitely a favorite! The magic of his art and the liveliness of his characters make it a great read not only for 6 years and up, but for all ages. IRead More ...

Words on Wednesday – Learning Verbos!

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Is your baby creating Spanglish verbs? Mine does! As they develop their bilingual vocabulary it’s really fun to see how they conjugate verbs in both languages. Do you have one to share? Here are some of our SpanglishBaby verbos shared by a few of our SpanglishBaby Playground amigas: Ligia:  “corring” en vez de “corriendo” y “canting” en lugar de “cantando” son algunas de las palabras que mi hijo ha dicho. Audrey: “My daughter always says “sendar” for “mandar” or “enviar.”Read More ...

Join a SpanglishBaby Playground Near You!

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One of my favorite things about belonging to the SpanglishBaby community is the opportunity to meet other families who are also raising bilingual and bicultural kids. I have met online friends and local friends through SpansglishBaby Playground where families have been organizing local playgroups all over the nation, from South Jersey to Orlando, from Philly to Colorado you can find local groups wanting to meet, play and speak Spanish! Find your local Playground and join us today! Tri State Mamas:Read More ...

Words on Wednesday – SpanglishBaby Love!

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When my son started speaking he also started mixing languages and I thought he was getting confused. Today, after learning more about raising a bilingual child, I understand that mixing languages is part of learning two or more languages and it is okay! I take it as a fun learning experience and when this happens I make sure I repeat the correct words in both English and Spanish and ask him to repeat them for me. So far it works. AtRead More ...

Tests for Dual Language Learners and Parent’s Anxiety

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I am not a fan of our schools’ obsessive testing culture. Unfortunately, the system tests children as the only way to monitor their academic progress. As a parent of a student enrolled in the immersion program, I’d like to share my experience since I know many of you will go through the same process raising your bilingual kids. My son attends an excellent dual language immersion program in northern California. As a Spanish speaker, I was told he would takeRead More ...

Celebrating Mexico’s “Día de la Bandera” {Printable}

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This week Mexico is celebrating “El Dia de La Bandera Nacional” or The National Flag’s Day and I would like to share this tradition with you. The photo above is my beautiful niece Maria Camila as the flag-bearer at her school’s ceremony in Guadalajara, Mexico. National flag celebrations take place every year on the week of February 24 in Mexico, which is the day the flag was first implemented  in 1937. As a national holiday and to pay respect to the nationalRead More ...

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