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Tracy López is a writer living outside the D.C. Metro area. Her blog,, examines cultural differences she discovers as she navigates life in a bicultural, bilingual family.

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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online En Español

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marvel super hero game online

This week the popular online children’s game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online became available to Spanish and Portuguese speaking kids around the world. From the press release: “Created by Gazillion Entertainment, a leading developer and publisher of premium browser-based games, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online allows children to play as their favorite Marvel heroes, interact with other players, explore some of their favorite locations in the Marvel Universe like Asgard and Baxter Plaza while also pitting their super powers againstRead More ...

Our Experience With Homeschool Spanish Academy

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Recently my 13 year old son and I got to try out an online video-conferencing Spanish program called, “Homeschool Spanish Academy” and we’re really excited to share our experience with SpanglishBaby readers. Homeschool Spanish Academy – What is it? Founded in 2010, Homeschool Spanish Academy is an online “Spanish institution that offers interactive immersion lessons with native-speaking Spanish instructors in Central America,” (Guatemala to be exact.) As the name indicates, Homeschool Spanish Academy is aimed at homeschooled children, but IRead More ...

PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest goes BILINGUAL!

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Calling all creative minds across the nation from grades Kindergarten through Third! PBS KIDS GO! has launched its annual writing contest and this year we spotted something very exciting on the contest’s rule page: “Non-English text must be translated on the same page and the translation text must adhere to word count.” What does this mean? It means that your child can write or dictate their story in Spanish or other heritage language as long as an English translation accompaniesRead More ...

PBS Kids Lab – Now en Español!

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PBS KIDS Lab is a free website from our friends at PBS Kids which offers “more than 50 cross-platform games designed to help children ages 2-8 build critical math skills.” – Now PBS has announced the addition of bilingual translations of parental instructions and resources, activities, and a new blog series with content related to kids and media. Start out at the PBS Kids Lab in Spanish and from there you can navigate the site. Click “Todos los juegos” andRead More ...

A Bicultural Christmas Photo {Tracy}

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Editor’s note: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this holiday season we asked all of our regular contributors – we’re up to nine! – to just send us a photo that expresses what the holidays mean to them for this collection of Bicultural Christmas Photos. What kind of photo would you have sent in? “When I was little, my mother always made cookies around Christmas time. Decorating the sugar cookies with my sisters is an especiallyRead More ...

Organize a Gift Exchange in Español with Amigo Secreto!

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This year marks the second year I’ve organized a “Secret Santa” gift exchange through the website – and now that a Spanish version, Amigo Secreto, has launched, I’ll have the option to play Santa Claus with my friends en español! While designed for adults, Amigo Secreto would be a great way to let kids, (maybe primos in a large family!) – organize an exchange amongst themselves while practicing language skills. All one needs to sign up is an E-mailRead More ...

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