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Roxana is a bilingual and bicultural mamá to Vanessa, an inquisitive second-grader, and Santiago, an adventurous preKindie – both of whom are growing up between two worlds and in two languages. A long-time journalist, Roxana oversees SpanglishBaby's editorial content.

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Bringing Our Culture a Little Closer to Home

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My mom just got back from a month-long trip to Perú, our homeland, and as soon as she landed, I wanted to know when she’d be over. Not only did I miss her and wanted for her to see her nietos (especially since my baby boy, Santiago, has changed so much in the past few weeks), but also because I knew she was coming back with a suitcase full of awesome goodies from back home. As soon as my momRead More ...

I Have a Confession to Make

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It’s starting to happen. English is slowly creeping into our house. My almost four-year-old is consistently using more and more English. She never fully speaks solely in English to me, but whereas before she’d say an English word or two in a sentence, lately she’s been known to say full sentences. I know there’s nothing wrong with this and I was expecting this would start happening, but it seems like it’s happening a bit faster than I anticipated. I can’tRead More ...

4 Ways to Create a Perceived Need for the Minority Language

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The following post was originally published on September 18, 2009 under the title “How To Create a Perceived Need for the Minority Language.” My 18-year-old goddaughter, Veronika, was recently in town for the weekend and I noticed something pretty interesting that I’m still trying to figure out. Although she was raised bilingual by my (Peruvian) sister and her father, who is Cuban, (but moved to New York as a toddler and thus speaks more English than Spanish,) ever since IRead More ...

ReadMe: The Runaway Radish

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The summer is right upon us. I love this time of the year. Both my children where born en el verano, so we’ll be celebrating two birthdays in the coming months. But summer also means vacation, so it’s easy to forget about the importance of reading during this time. In an effort to give you plenty of recommendations for bilingual books you can read with your children, ReadMe, our literacy and author interview series, will be coming to you twiceRead More ...

What is Code-Switching and Why Do Bilinguals Do it?

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I used to be pretty harsh on myself if I couldn’t finish a sentence without going back and forth between English and Spanish when speaking with other bilinguals, an action commonly known as code-switching among linguists. Like many bilinguals and monolinguals alike, I simply believed this was wrong. I thought it meant I wasn’t really proficient in either language—even when I knew this not to be the case—or that I was simply forgetting my Spanish. I was wrong! In theRead More ...

Bilingualism Doesn’t Cause Confusion

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After almost 18 months nurturing SpanglishBaby into the incredible useful online resource for those raising bilingual and bicultural children it has become thanks to all our readers, I tend to think that everyone knows about the myths and misconceptions associated with bilingualism (or multilingualism). I guess after such a long time reading, researching and learning about the benefits of bilingualism, it’s easy to forget that not everybody is aware of them. So I was bit surprised last week when IRead More ...

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