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Roxana is a bilingual and bicultural mamá to Vanessa, an inquisitive second-grader, and Santiago, an adventurous preKindie – both of whom are growing up between two worlds and in two languages. A long-time journalist, Roxana oversees SpanglishBaby's editorial content.

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Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy your pavo, guajolote, or chompipe!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We hope you’re enjoying the holiday surrounded by those you love! We are so thankful for many, many things this year, but especially for the awesome bilingual and bicultural community you’ve helped us create. ¡Gracias! I’ve been wanting to write this following post for a while and then I realized today’s the day because the Thanksgiving menu lends itself perfectly for this. The variations in the Spanish language have always interested me. As I’veRead More ...

Speaking Spanish to Your Kids When Those Around You Don’t. Is it Rude?

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I posed the following question on our Facebook page last week: Do you think it’s rude to speak the minority language with your children when you’re around people who don’t speak it? What do you do? These are a sample of the first responses we got: I kind of new what to expect, but I was still curious to get a feel for how you deal with this situation which doesn’t seem like a big deal when you have babiesRead More ...

Happy Fiestas! Bilingual Greeting Cards {Giveaway}

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I’ve always been pretty disappointed with the lack of options there is when it comes to greeting cards in Spanish. Unfortunately, so many companies don’t seem to understand that using an online translator just doesn’t cut it. Enter: Cultúrame – Feel the Culture! a bilingual greeting card company, the brainchild of Debra Del Toro-Phillips. Cultúrame – gotta love the name! – was born when Debra decided to combine her experience doing fundraising work and her creative self-expression into a businessRead More ...

How do you define being bilingual?

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published here on Nov. 11th, 2009. While I was registering to get the H1N1 vaccine this weekend at the local high school, the lady who was taking in the forms very politely asked if I’d rather get the information in Spanish. (I guess she’d overheard us while we were making the line.) I, also very politely, answered that it didn’t matter because I was bilingual. I don’t know if, at first, she didn’t understandRead More ...

Our Trilingual Adventures with Little Pim: Progress Report 2

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My daughter, Vanessa, loves languages. Nothing could make me happier because I love languages too! We’re about a little over two months into our Trilingual Adventure with Little Pim – our journey to expose Vanessa to her third language: French, and I’m happy to report that things are going much better than I expected. I try to speak to her in French every single day, even if it’s not for an extended period of time. We either listen to LittleRead More ...

Bilingualism in the Media

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While some of you might have read these articles from the links we recently posted on our Facebook page or tweeted about from our Twitter account, I figured that, in case you missed it, it’d be nice to compile the latest media content regarding bilingualism in just one post. So if you didn’t get to read any of these, here’s your chance to find out what the latest studies say about bilingualism. (Hint: we’re on the right track!) From TheRead More ...

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