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Chelsea Torres is SpanglishBaby’s Book Editor and a regular contributor. She is not a native Spanish speaker, but is raising her Latino son to be bilingual. A graduate of Rollins College, Chelsea lives in Orlando with her blended family.

Books & Libros: ¡Bienvenido verano!

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The summer solstice may not have arrived yet, but the heat, the thunderstorms, and (in Florida) the swarming bugs have. Memorial Day cookouts are just the beginning: hopefully you’re all geared up for a few months of pool or beach trips and plenty of helado. One of my favorite things about summer is having extra time for reading. Cuando yo era niña, I used to drive my parents and grandparents crazy with endless trips to the library and bookstore. IRead More ...

Welcome Spanish and It Welcomes You

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Lately, I have taken frequent note of the hypocrisy surrounding Spanish speaking in America. While many monolingual (English-speaking) Americans feign support for Latino culture, they back up when it comes too close. The message I hear is: Go ahead and teach your kids Spanish, but speak English around me because I don’t want it to take over my world. This is why many parents enroll their children in Spanish classes or expose them to Spanish baby books but fall shortRead More ...

Books & Libros | ¡Feliz Día de las Madres!

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In all cultures the world over, mothers are special beings. Though we enjoy kisses and hugs every day, it’s nice to be honored each May on Mother’s Day. As with any other holiday, this day is an opportunity to delight in Spanish and bilingual literature with your little ones. Today’s list includes libros for you to enjoy on your own (along with that breakfast in bed that your kids will bring you?) and some to share with your children, allRead More ...

Books & Libros: Un Pato en Nueva York {Giveaway}

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If there’s one thing we all want for our kids, it’s for them to follow even their craziest dreams. We hope that no one can deter them from pursuing what they desire. That’s why it’s so refreshing to read a book like Un Pato en Nueva York, in which the protagonist – an adorable little duck – refuses to stop wishing. He knows in his “pequeño y valiente corazón” that he is destined for the bright lights of Broadway. ThisRead More ...

Books & Libros | Spanish Books for Easter

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Editor’s note: This year we’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of El Día de los niños/El Día de los libros en grande. First, we’re launching this new section, called Books & Libros, which will be headed by our newly appointed Book Editor, Chelsea Kyle, a regular contributor to SpanglishBaby for the last year. You can expect to find anything and everything related to books, including lists of recommendations, reviews, giveaways and ReadMe. We also have a major contest/giveaway related to literacyRead More ...

Speekee TV: Online Series for Spanish Learners {Giveaway}

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Speekee TV is a UK-based online series of Spanish episodes aimed at children 2-10 years of age. I had the pleasure of watching all 10 episodes currently available via subscription with my son. Though he speaks fluent Spanish already, he loved the program and asked me to watch it every chance he got. The format of the videos is great for any age. They feature Speekee (a cute, purple lemur) and a couple other animal puppets, Jim (the company’s co-founder),Read More ...

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