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Ana L. Flores is co-founder of SpanglishBaby and co-author of the book, "Bilingual is Better." A bicultural and bilingual mom who is committed to holding on to her heritage, for over 15 years she's been dedicated to creating content by and for Latinos in the U.S. and in Latin America. Now, through and, her boutique agency connecting brands to Latina bloggers, she is living her dream of being a self-motivated entrepreneur and sharing the stories and resources which matter the most to her. Su casa is now in L.A. where family traditions from Mexico, El Salvador, the Netherlands and the U.S. are dearly embraced...en español.

Twitter: @laflowers

Sean Ramón Escamilla-Zielinski

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Parents’ names: Kathy and Zane City: Chicago Age: 3 years Languages spoken at home: Spanish & English He is able to communicate with a wider community of people and has already begun making connections between words in English and Spanish that will help his reading comprehension as a whole. ———— Send us a picture of Your SpanglishBaby and we´ll feature him/her right here. We’ll feature one SpanglishBaby per week. Email your good quality picture to with the following info:Read More ...

Video of the Week: Swiper the Explorer

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“Swiper the Explorer” clip from NickPress on Vimeo. These days my daughter has grown a sweet spot for Swiper, the sneaky fox Dora and Boots are always watching out for.  She was jumping up and down when I put in a preview copy we got of the new primetime special “Swiper the Explorer”, because, this time, Swiper is the star.  Dora and Boots are on a mission to find a baby fox´s mom and Swiper, showing his soft spot, enlistedRead More ...

Yoga in Spanish for Kids {Giveaway}

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We all know we are constantly looking for original activities to engage our little one´s in.  Have you ever thought about yoga?  And how about if you can add some Spanish into the mix? That´s exactly what Lina Navía, former telenovela star, turned yoga instructor has so beautifully created with her Ümbral Yoga con Lina Navía DVD. Lina has set out to educate the Hispanic community about the health and wellness benefits of yoga as an integral part of ourRead More ...

Spanglish Wrangler {Giveaway}

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This CD just puts me in a good mood.  It makes me want to sing-a-long, if only my daughter would let me, and to relax with a tall bubbly drink.  Oh, yes,  it’s also totally entertaining for your bilingual or Spanish-learning child as well.  Thomas, AKA the Spanglish Wrangler, knows his music.  The birth of his two children, coupled with his love of Spanish, led him on a journey to compose 12 enchanting songs where Spanish and English effortlessly flowRead More ...

A Kid’s Guide to Latino History

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We are so excited to bring back SpanglishBabyFinds, and even more so that it’s all merged into one rocking site! We definitely missed telling you about our Finds and hosting fun giveaways. To kick off a new SpanglishBaby season we found a book that’s the perfect companion for any parent raising a proud bicultural Latino or for parents that want their children to have a well-rounded knowledge of Latinos in America: A Kid’s Guide to Latino History–More than 50 Activities,Read More ...

Tips for Hooking Kids on Seafood

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The following is a sponsored post by Gorton´s, written by nutritionist expert Sylvia Melendez-Klinger, MS, RD, LDN Now that we are fully in the Lent season and, it being a treasured tradition many Hispanic families share, we want to help you out to make those Fish/Seafood Fridays more enticing. Fish is often called “brain food” and it’s no wonder why.  Fish and seafood — like shrimp, salmon, and popular white fish, such as tilapia, haddock, and pollock — are naturalRead More ...

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