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Ana L. Flores is co-founder of SpanglishBaby and co-author of the book, "Bilingual is Better." A bicultural and bilingual mom who is committed to holding on to her heritage, for over 15 years she's been dedicated to creating content by and for Latinos in the U.S. and in Latin America. Now, through and, her boutique agency connecting brands to Latina bloggers, she is living her dream of being a self-motivated entrepreneur and sharing the stories and resources which matter the most to her. Su casa is now in L.A. where family traditions from Mexico, El Salvador, the Netherlands and the U.S. are dearly embraced...en español.

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Celebrating Día, Libraries and Bilingual Homeschooling

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April 30th marks the celebration of Día del Niño/Día del Libro, an annual celebration of children, families and reading held at libraries nationwide.  Here at SpanglishBaby, we’re wrapping up a week-long exploration into the world of bilingual homeschooling and the families who are living it.  We’ve emphasized this week that one of the biggest hurdles for bilingual homeschoolers is the lack of resources and curriculums available to them.  A library with a decent collection of Spanish material can be aRead More ...

Entertaining Curriculum for Teaching Spanish to Kids {Giveaway}

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On the second day of our week-long exploration of bilingual homeschooling we bring you another amazing giveaway of products that are an excellent tool for parents on this alternative educational path.  Boca Beth herself and her award-winning program for teaching Spanish to kids requires little to no introduction to those avid SpanglishBaby readers.  Beth Butler is a relentless activist and promoter of bilingualism with years of experience as a bilingual educator.  Her award-winning language learning series, Boca Beth, includes aRead More ...

Educational Toys for Bilingual Homeschooling {Giveaway}

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Today is the first day of a week-long adventure into the ins and outs of bilingual homeschooling.  One of the major components of homeschooling, and probably the most difficult to achieve when incorporating bilingualism, is to find educational toys and products to teach children a language through what they do best-play. Ingenio, the first bilingual and educational toy brand in the U.S., has a catalog of 10 toys and games that are meant for preschool and early elementary children. LastRead More ...

An Authentic Fiesta Mexicana for Kids

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This year marks the 200th anniversary of Mexico´s independence (no, it´s not celebrated on 5 de mayo!) and we’re already preparing for it. Living in the U.S. it´s nearly impossible not to be influenced by one of the myriad elements that make up the rich and diverse Mexican culture.  It imbues or food, our TV screens, our slang and our music.  Mexican music has influenced genres across the board and still continues to be predominant on the scene.  But fewRead More ...

5 Latin Food Blogs That Fuel Our Traditions

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Ay, food…It’s not only the way to a man’s heart (or so they say), but also the passage to the sweetest of memories and the preservation of traditions.  Part of our journey of raising bilingual and bicultural children is instilling in them a love and passion to the cultural elements that are tied to their mother tongue.  Every language carries with it a magical bag filled with the music, dances, rituals, artistic expressions and the food that identifies it.  LasRead More ...

Chakuchukuchá-Bilingual Latin Beats {Giveaway}

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If  you are really into authentic Latin rhythms and beats like salsa, cumbia and bachata and your kids share your musical taste, then you will definitely be into the Chakuchukuchá vibe. This CD was created by Gloria Rojas, a bilingual speech/language pathologist, who, based on her own experience as a child immigrant having to quickly learn a new language, created a program to teach children a second language through the effective use on songs, sign language and movement.  And whatRead More ...

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