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Chelsea Torres is SpanglishBaby’s Book Editor and a regular contributor. She is not a native Spanish speaker, but is raising her Latino son to be bilingual. A graduate of Rollins College, Chelsea lives in Orlando with her blended family.

La Caja Mágica App for First Words

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It’s never too early to start teaching your baby to use technology. Curlew Apps is a developer that aims to introduce early language skills to children through fun, educational apps. La Caja Mágica is an app that has just the right amount of repetition for little ones to learn new words. Touch the “magic box” and it pops open to reveal a new toy each time. The app includes real photos of the toys, so that your child can identifyRead More ...

Deep in the Rainforest Bilingual Kids App

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With 7 animated chapters and 6 interactive games, Deep in the Rainforest is a truly comprehensive bilingual app. This is a great geography supplement to an elementary education, since it focuses specifically on the Amazon. In addition to having authentic Spanish narration, the regional focus on South America gives this app a cultural edge. Take off with your pilot, Amanda, in a small plane and travel through the rainforest with a native boy named Yapariwa. He’s searching for his lostRead More ...

Learn to Count with Bilingual Number Fiesta App

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Number Fiesta is a fun app from SpringMix Games that teaches and refreshes counting skills for preschoolers. It includes four modes, each of which can be changed from English to Spanish and back with the click of a button. Have your child begin with the examen and move on to basic counting practice, a matching game, and a fun race. The matching game can be adjusted to your preferred range of numbers (1-10, 1-15, 1-20), which is great for kidsRead More ...

Bilingual App: Wubbzy y los dinosaurios

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La aventura de Wubbzy y los dinosaurios is a cute story app for kids who already love Nick Jr.’s Wow! Wow! Wubbzy show. The show’s characters encounter various interesting species of dinosaurs on their adventure, including a “Locosaurio.” Although they are a bit afraid at first, they end up baking and sharing cupcakes with the scary creatures. Each page is interactive, with the dinosaurs and Wubbzy’s friends each having something funny to say when you touch them. There are aRead More ...

Pango Imaginary Car App

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Pango Imaginary Car is a cool new app from developer Studio Pango. There are no words or complicated instructions. It’s a grid with empty spaces and eight categories of vehicle parts. Drag the pieces, which include everything from wheels and ladders to a computer and wings, to create the crazy vehicle of your imagination. You can start from scratch and piece together the wacky items of your choice, or start with a preset grid that shows you where to placeRead More ...

31 Days of Reading in Spanish: ¡Jonrón!

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Editor’s note: We continue with our 31 Days of Reading in Spanish. Check out the book review below and don’t forget to enter our weekly GIVEAWAY of $100 worth of books in Spanish! BOOK DESCRIPTION/REVIEW Baseball is a summertime tradition in America and although I’m not a sports fanatic, watching movies or reading books about playing outdoors makes me relish the summer heat even more. As a T-ball player, my son is intrigued by books about baseball, and ¡Jonrón! isRead More ...

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