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Chelsea Torres is SpanglishBaby’s Book Editor and a regular contributor. She is not a native Spanish speaker, but is raising her Latino son to be bilingual. A graduate of Rollins College, Chelsea lives in Orlando with her blended family.

Tengo Miedo de Your Language

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“He’s confused.” This seems to be the refrain of my interactions with monolinguals these days. Talking is the big milestone for two-year-olds and would be the topic of conversation even if I weren’t speaking Spanish with my son. Because I am, though, it feels like a rather contentious subject. SpanglishBaby readers are already familiar with the debate over code-switching and its role in fluency. We know that experts confirm that mixing languages is a sophisticated linguistic skill, not a signRead More ...

Te Entiendo, I Think

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When I reflect upon “dialect” in English, I think of regional accents. Although vocabulary also shifts as one travels from Alabama to Wisconsin to London, England, this is not as apparent to me as the contrast of dialects in my second language: Spanish. My journey con hablando español has been mottled. In middle and high school, I learned grammatically correct Spanish, with a heavy emphasis on the particularities of el idioma de México y de España. As tends to beRead More ...

Kids Love Spanish {Giveaway}

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As a tutor and someone who learned Spanish en la escuela, I have encountered many methods of presenting new vocabulary. The search for effective Spanish materials for young children can be a grueling one. Julie and Krisse, sisters and creators of the Kids Love Spanish DVD series, have come to our rescue with this set of entertaining lessons organized by theme and intended for children ages 1-8. With topics like family, food, and animals, the lessons present relevant vocabulary, regardlessRead More ...

Introducing Our Contributors: Chelsea

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You might remember that back at the beginning of the year we announced we were looking for regular paid contributors and we asked those of you interested to send us your submissions for consideration. We were honored to receive such an enthusiastic response from so many of you. Choosing just four was not easy. In fact, we ended up adding one more regular contributor for a total of five. We’re happy to announce that this week we’ll be introducing youRead More ...

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