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Chelsea Torres is SpanglishBaby’s Book Editor and a regular contributor. She is not a native Spanish speaker, but is raising her Latino son to be bilingual. A graduate of Rollins College, Chelsea lives in Orlando with her blended family.

What Exactly Does it Mean to be Fluent in a Language?

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My varied experiences with the Spanish language have taught me that there is one thing bilinguals will always have a surplus of: questions. Fluency is a relative concept; everyone has a different definition of what it means to be fluent in a language, and my most pressing question seems to be Am I really fluent? At my son’s age (3), the questions are more basic, like Why do we say “his” and “her” en inglés, but only “su” en español?Read More ...

How Conducting Business en Español Can Help Your Bilingual Child

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Given that workplace compensation for bilingualism is becoming more and more scarce in the U.S., I am grateful that I can reap the benefits of my Spanish skills as a self-employed tutor. While I do not get paid more per hour for being bilingual, I often book Spanish-speaking clients, whose business I would otherwise lose due to an inability to communicate. In Orlando (where I live) and all over Florida, there is a particularly great need for ways to bridgeRead More ...

Spanish is a Muscle

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As a devout gym rat, I am closely acquainted with the process of building and losing muscles, tweaking strength, hitting plateaus. For me, Spanish is like a muscle. If I use it at a time of day when I’m energized and have adequate fuel, or when I have the motivation of fellow exercisers, I can speak at a good pace and never get tired or tripped up. If I am forced to use that muscle unexpectedly, though, or am simplyRead More ...

Christmas Means Empezar de Nuevo

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Editor’s note: With today’s post, we begin this year’s Bicultural Holiday Traditions on SpanglishBaby. This season we decided to ask our treasured contributors to share their holiday traditions with all of us! We don’t get tired of saying it: We absolutely love our contributors for the uniqueness and diversity they bring to SpanglishBaby and we’re truly grateful they’re a part of our family ¡Qué lo disfruten! I was torn about what to write for this holiday post, as I amRead More ...

Más Inglés Is Okay With Me

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Thus far, I have written a lot about my struggles and successes in speaking Spanish with Isaiah, but very little about his use of and exposure to English. While there are distinctions in his life between the people with whom he speaks each language, he has a peculiar mix of input methods because he has two houses with two distinctive language setups. Last year, when Isaiah and I moved in with my mother, he began getting daily exposure to English,Read More ...

Javier Doll Sings in Spanish {Giveaway}

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When Javier arrived at my door, I was curious to see what my son would do. I pulled this adorable little doll out of the box and Isaiah smirked. He seemed curious,but confused, until I squeezed Javier’s hand and he started singing a familiar song: “Había una vez un barquito chiquitito….” That was all it took for my boy to become a fan of dolls. Javier, the latest in the line of plush dolls from Baby Abuelita Productions, sings fiveRead More ...

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