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Chelsea Torres is SpanglishBaby’s Book Editor and a regular contributor. She is not a native Spanish speaker, but is raising her Latino son to be bilingual. A graduate of Rollins College, Chelsea lives in Orlando with her blended family.

Books & Libros: ¡A Celebrar el Fourth of July!

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At the end of a hot summer day (especially the sweltering ones there have been this year!), there is nothing quite like retreating to the air conditioning and curling up with a good story. Nothing could be quite as symbolic of America’s multicultural traditions as reading about them in both English and español! In honor of el cumpleaños of our great country, here is a list of some heartwarming, pride-inducing, and informative bilingual books for Independence Day. Click on the individual links or seeRead More ...

The “Mommy Wars” Go Bilingual

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Recently, there has been a lot of buzz in the media, and especially the blogosphere, that has reignited the so-called “Mommy Wars.” If you’re not familiar with the term, it refers to the battle between moms over nearly every little parenting decision, in particular the decision to work or stay home. The controversial TIME Magazine cover on breastfeeding, the new book on modern motherhood by Elizabeth Badinter, and other debates of recent years have me contemplating how this all appliesRead More ...

Bilingual Book Apps for iPhone and iPad

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It can be a chore searching for bilingual books, and now we all have an extra challenge…searching for virtual resources to keep our little Spanish speakers engaged! Here are few great bilingual book apps that can help you change up your storytime routine and, at the very least, entertain your kids for a few minutes.  iPhone and iPad: MeMeTales ($0.99) This app is like several book apps in one! Instead of having to download individual stories, you can use MeMeTalesRead More ...

24 Surprises Spanish Has Given Me

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  Photo by: Simon Blackley Lately, my perspective on the Spanish language has been enlarged by my evolving use of it. I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic about how being bilingual has allowed me to grow. Despite the occasional frustrations and cultural misunderstandings, Spanish has given me: An ear for the rhythm of the spoken word A new medium to enjoy jokes and share funny moments with my family A Spanish language mode on every technological device I own AnRead More ...

Fisher Price Smart Tablet: Educational, Interactive & Semi-Bilingual {Giveaway}

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It is an incredible opportunity to be able to introduce our niños to new technology, but there’s always a little bit of worry that comes with it. I’m sure you know the feeling: you download an app for your kids and then watch them like a hawk, paranoid that they’ll damage your phone or tablet while they play. If they have the Fisher Price Smart Tablet, you can breathe easy. The Smart Tablet is interactive, educational, and aesthetically appealing. ItRead More ...

Who Raises Latino Kids: ¿los padres o los abuelos?

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I’m tired…culturally exhausted. I could speak Spanish all day, no problema. But lately, it seems like that’s not enough for me to be accepted by Spanish speakers. I can’t change my deep-seated values or my general way of being, but I am feeling pressured to do so in order to just be part of my extended family. I’ve had some minor clashes with my mother-in-law and stepdaughters recently that are making me reevaluate how I’m really seen by the LatinoRead More ...

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